EAA+ Essential Amino Acids Plus

EAA+ Essential Amino Acids Plus
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Body Ripped's newest and MOST ADVANCED amino acid product is now available!

EAA's are those aminos which must be obtained daily from the diet, and include the BCAA's (Branch-Chain Amino Acids) plus other aminos key to muscle growth and recovery, protein synthesis, and hormone regulation. Athletes and bodybuilders world-wide are now discovering that the performance and recovery benefits of EAA's may be even greater than that of BCAA's alone.

EAA PLUS is the ultimate EAA product - intended as a true substitute for whey or dairy proteins - with all 8 Essential Amino Acids - PLUS Histidine and Glutamine, but with zero lactose and fat. And unlike dairy proteins, EAA PLUS is almost instantly absorbed - to ramp up your muscle growth and recovery FAST.

EAA PLUS also has the energising and nitric boosting Citrulline, plus vitamin B6, a key nutrient in the conversion of essential aminos to non-essential.

EAA PLUS is unflavoured, so you can add it to any protein/recovery drink or supplement stack, or to cereals, desserts or other foods.

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