• SLIM & TRIM High Protein Meal Replacement

Body Ripped SLIM & TRIM is the modern woman’s secret for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whilst achieving a lean, toned figure. It's a delicious, low fat, low kilojoule and low carb meal alternative that should be in every pantry.

Consisting of a high percentage of sustained-release proteins plus fibres (including the prebiotic fibre Inulin) to keep you feeling fuller for longer, SLIM & TRIM makes for an excellent alternative meal that will allow you to tackle those unhealthy cravings head-on!
SLIM & TRIM also keeps you trim with Acai Berry extract, plus the fat transporting amino acid L-Carnitine - both having been shown to positively influence fat loss and to increase energy levels. So whether it’s a challenging workout session, or a  busy day of multi-tasking, you'll get through it much more easily with SLIM & TRIM by your side.
With hunger and cravings taken care of, fat transporters in action, and energy levels raised and stabilised, SLIM & TRIM's quality whey and milk proteins then work to assist in muscle-tissue maintenance. With a protein content greater than 50%, SLIM & TRIM is ideally suited to preventing muscle loss and the slowed metabolism that follows - also allowing you to exercise for longer, and to recover from your workouts more quickly.

SLIM & TRIM offers you these benefits:

● VERY LOW FAT formula for weight control and fat loss

● Includes the fat transporting amino acid CARNITINE

● High in fibre, including the PREBIOTIC Inulin

● Made from quality dairy proteins including WHEY

● LOW GI formula for reduced appetite

● With bonus anti-oxidant / fat loss herb ACAI BERRY


SLIM & TRIM - helps you to cut the cravings!

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SLIM & TRIM High Protein Meal Replacement

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