• ALBULOID Natural Fat Loss Booster

ALBULOID is a cutting edge product like no other. It is an advanced blend of 100% natural ingredients which not only assist in increasing lean muscle mass, but also accelerate fat loss and help control appetite, making it the ideal formula for total body recomposition.

ALBULOID contains the unique ingredient, Luperform (derived from whole lupin beans), which promotes an increase in growth hormone, IGF-1, insulin, dopamine and adrenaline. The release of these hormones creates anabolic actions in the body, and promotes an increase in strength and muscle mass. Luperform also induces a strong thermogenic effect by increasing the conversion of T4 to T3 by up to 60%.

Luperform is also known for its appetite-suppressing properties, which help to reduce cravings, and decrease the desire for low nutrient value foods.

Another very effective ingredient is Epicatechin, which is derived from chocolate. Recent studies on Epicatechin have found it to be a myostatin inhibitor. In fact, one study has shown that just 50mg of Epicatechin can inhibit myostatin by up to 60%.

Coumaroyldopamine is also added to further promote fat burning. Coumaroyldopamine works as a beta-2 agonist. This aids in bronchodilation, thus enabling more oxygen to enter the lungs. Coumaroyldopamine is also known for its ability to preserve lean muscle, and for its highly potent fat burning properties.

Fucoidan (brown seaweed extract), is a powerful antioxidant which is shown to have anti-ageing benefits and improve liver health. While Carthamus Tinctorius Extract (also known as Safflower) is high in omega-6 fatty acids, and helps the body to burn fat rather than store it. It has also been shown to assist people suffering from obesity without the need to make extreme changes to the diet.

Adults take 2 capsules, one hour prior to training or as recommended by your Healthcare Professional.

Luperform (whole lupins standardised to quinalizodine alkaloids - contains lupanine, cytisine, sparteine, albine, angustafoline, aphylline, aphyllidine, lupinine and retamine), Carthamus tinctorius extract, Fucoidan (Brown Sea Weed Extract), Epicatechin, Niacin bound Citrus Bioflavonoids, Coumaroyldopamine.

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ALBULOID Natural Fat Loss Booster

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